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When a tooth has too much decay, too many large fillings or is broken, it often needs to be restored with a crown.  Crowns are sometimes referred to by patients as "caps".  Once the decay is removed from the tooth, the tooth is then reduced in size.  Later a crown is carefully fitted over the tooth and then cemented into place. This protects the badly broken down tooth and minimizes the chance of the tooth splitting.


Our crowns are carefully matched to the color of your teeth.  When necessary, we take photographs that are emailed to the dental laboratory to try to achieve a very close match of your particular tooth color.

Crown shade selection

Broken and Decayed Teeth

Broken and decayed teeth are often restored with one of two procedures:

Tooth Colored Bonded Fillings

If a tooth is broken or decayed, but the damage is not too extensive, often this problem can be treated with a tooth colored bonded filling.  Any decay is first removed from the tooth, and then a tooth colored composite material is "bonded" to the internal tooth structure.  This conservative procedure stops any active decay, re-seals the inside of the tooth and restores the tooth back to function.